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Organized in 1985, The Japan Association of Business Cycle studies(JABC) provides the latest information for economists.
On this site, we let you know about the JABC organization, association news, and annual meeting, etc.

1.JABC News
Our main theme of this year is to make a quick report on Date of Business Cycle. Thus, we have established the two special committees - New Index Development Committee (chairman: Mr. Kazuo Mori, professor emeritus at Doshisha Univ.) and Current Index Working Group (chairman: Mr. Yuji Shimanaka, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Business Cycle Research Institute) - and carry our research forward.

On November 18, 2006, Mr. Nobuyuki Nakahara (president, The American Studies Foundation / former commissioner, Bank of Japan) newly became the chairman of JABC.

2.Major Activities
(1)Holding workshops and lecture meetings
(2)Presenting and publishing member's research outcome
(3)Publishing in-house magazine
(4)Interactings with internal and external academies and other related agencies

3.Mission & Objectives
In post-war economic analysis in Japan, most of the analystsf work had been
focused on growth-analysis, in accordance with the rising tide of Keynesian
economics. Thus, the theme of business cycle has rather been neglected,
regarded to be a temporary phenomenon caused by the economic growth. But
the absence of perspective on business cycle has been diminishing the
efficacy of economic policies, economic analysis and economic forecast
designed by the government. At the same time, modern business cycle studies
seemed to be promoting accuracy, however, it was critically inclined toward
the mathematical analysis and lacking the actual validity.Being based on
these experiences and reflections on the past, we have decided to establish
the workshop which is to promote empirical research on business cycle,
business analysis and business forecast in the aspects of both macro and
micro economy, in accordance with the fundamental principles of grasping
every economic phenomenon in historical cycle.

4.Our History
E Nov. 29, 1985: Japan Association of Business Cycle studies (JABC) is
established. Mr. Miyohei Shinohara, professor of International Commerce
University, is assumed the first chairman of JABC.
E Feb. 20, 1986: The monthly workshop first takes place.
E Jun. 1, 1986: The official organ magazine is first launched.
E Dec., 1996: Japan-Taiwan Business Cycle Study first takes place in
Taipei, consisting of volunteers.
E Nov. 25, 2000: Mr. Hisao Kanamori, senior adviser of Nippon Keizai
Research Center, is assumed the second chairman of JABC.
E Apr., 2002: gSeminar A Guide to Business Cycleh is launched.
E Nov. 12, 2005: Mr. Kazuo Mori, professor of Doshisha University, is
assumed the third chairman.
E Nov. 18, 2006: Mr. Nobuyuki Nakahara, the former member of Nippon Ginko
executive committee, is assumed the forth chairman.

5.Message from the Chairman
(Nobuyuki Nakahara \@Head of the American Studies Foundation)
JABC is one of the strongest groups of economy watchers, as you can tell
from the lineup of its executives and members. We are trying to make good
use of our ability in enhancing the Japanese economy. Our short-range
objective is to present the most accurate economic outlook in the shortest
time. For this purpose, we would intensify our own academic activities.
Our long-range objective is to make the Japanese economic system in the same
manner as abroad, i.e., private sector, not the public sector is assuming a
key role in characterizing the state of the economy.
At the same time, we would like to increase the exchanges with economic
research organizations worldwide, in order to promote making an accurate
judgment in the economic views in the globalizing world economy. We hope
you enjoy being involved in our activity, and give consideration to the
membership of us.

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Excective secretary P
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The secretariat of the JABC has become KUBAPRO Corporation from April, 2008.
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